Season 5, Episode 1:
Water-bound Heroes

Rescuers attempt to save a family trapped in their vehicle during a flash flood. Plus, a first responder training exercise turns into a real-life rescue when teenagers fall into a frozen lake.

Full Seasons and More Available on YouTube

Full seasons + more available on YouTube

About Hearts of Heroes


The award-winning HEARTS OF HEROES TV show showcases the stories of men and women braving natural disasters with one goal: to rescue the victims and help restore their lives. The show is hosted by ABC News Chief Meteorologist, Ginger Zee, and BELFOR Property Restoration CEO, Sheldon Yellen.

Each week viewers are guided through fascinating weather events, learning the causes and science behind hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods and more, as well as how we can properly prepare for them and collectively overcome them.

HEARTS OF HEROES also highlights the incredibly heroic efforts of first responders who humbly give their all to support communities around the country when faced with these emergencies. This show provides a first-hand look at the worst of nature but the best of humanity!

HEARTS OF HEROES is co-produced by BELFOR Property Restoration, the world’s largest disaster recovery company restoring homes, businesses and communities following manmade or natural disasters.